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Apache Pulsar

Testcontainers can be used to automatically create Apache Pulsar containers without the need for external services. Based on the official Apache Pulsar Docker image, it is recommended to read the official getting started guide.

The following example uses the following NuGet packages:

Install the NuGet dependencies
dotnet add package Testcontainers.Pulsar
dotnet add package DotPulsar
dotnet add package xunit

IDEs and editors may also require the following packages to run tests: xunit.runner.visualstudio and Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk.

Copy and paste the following code into a new .cs test file within an existing test project.

using System;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using DotPulsar;
using DotPulsar.Extensions;
using Xunit;

namespace Testcontainers.Pulsar;

public sealed class PulsarContainerTest : IAsyncLifetime
    private readonly PulsarContainer _pulsarContainer =
        new PulsarBuilder().Build();

    public async Task ConsumerReceivesSendMessage()
        const string helloPulsar = "Hello, Pulsar!";

        var topic = $"persistent://public/default/{Guid.NewGuid():D}";

        var name = Guid.NewGuid().ToString("D");

        await using var client = PulsarClient.Builder()
            .ServiceUrl(new Uri(_pulsarContainer.GetBrokerAddress()))

        await using var producer = client.NewProducer(Schema.String)

        await using var consumer = client.NewConsumer(Schema.String)

        _ = await producer.Send(helloPulsar)

        var message = await consumer.Receive()

        Assert.Equal(helloPulsar, Encoding.Default.GetString(message.Data));

    public Task InitializeAsync()
        => _pulsarContainer.StartAsync();

    public Task DisposeAsync()
        => _pulsarContainer.DisposeAsync().AsTask();

To execute the tests, use the command dotnet test from a terminal.

Access Pulsar

To get the Pulsar broker URL use:

string pulsarBrokerUrl = _pulsarContainer.GetPulsarBrokerUrl();

To get the Pulsar service URL use:

string pulsarServiceUrl = _pulsarContainer.GetHttpServiceUrl();

Enable token authentication

If you need to use token authentication, use the following builder configuration to enable authentication:

PulsarContainer _pulsarContainer = PulsarBuilder().WithTokenAuthentication().Build();

Start the container and obtain an authentication token with a specified expiration time

var authToken = await container.CreateAuthenticationTokenAsync(TimeSpan.FromHours(1))

Alternatively, set the token to never expire

var authToken = await container.CreateAuthenticationTokenAsync(Timeout.InfiniteTimeSpan)

Enable Pulsar Functions

If you need to use Pulsar Functions, use the following builder configuration to enable it:

PulsarContainer _pulsarContainer = PulsarBuilder().WithFunctions().Build();