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MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database. MongoDB's document model is simple for developers to use within their applications, while still providing all the complex capabilities of traditional relational databases.

The following example uses the following NuGet packages:

Install the NuGet dependencies
dotnet add package Testcontainers.MongoDb
dotnet add package MongoDB.Driver
dotnet add package xunit

IDEs and editors may also require the following packages to run tests: xunit.runner.visualstudio and Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk.

Copy and paste the following code into a new .cs test file within an existing test project.

using MongoDB.Driver;
using Testcontainers.MongoDb;
using Xunit;

namespace TestcontainersModules;

public sealed class MongoDbContainerTest : IAsyncLifetime
    private readonly MongoDbContainer _mongoDbContainer =
        new MongoDbBuilder().Build();

    public async Task ReadFromMongoDbDatabase()
        var client = new MongoClient(_mongoDbContainer.GetConnectionString());

        using var databases = await client.ListDatabasesAsync();

        Assert.True(await databases.AnyAsync());

    public Task InitializeAsync()
        => _mongoDbContainer.StartAsync();

    public Task DisposeAsync()
        => _mongoDbContainer.DisposeAsync().AsTask();

To execute the tests, use the command dotnet test from a terminal.