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Resource Reuse

Reuse is an experimental feature designed to simplify and enhance the development experience. Instead of disposing resources after the tests are finished, enabling reuse will retain the resources and reuse them in the next test run. Testcontainers assigns a hash value according to the builder configuration. If it identifies a matching resource, it will reuse this resource instead of creating a new one. Enabling reuse will disable the resource reaper, meaning the resource will not be cleaned up.

Enable container reuse
_ = new ContainerBuilder()

The reuse implementation does currently not consider (support) all builder APIs when calculating the hash value. Therefore, collisions may occur. To prevent collisions, simply use a distinct label to identify the resource.

Label container resource to identify it
_ = new ContainerBuilder()
  .WithLabel("reuse-id", "WeatherForecast");

The current implementation considers the following resource configurations and their corresponding builder APIs when calculating the hash value.


Version 3.8.0 did not include the container configuration's name in the hash value.

By default, all module resource configurations are included. This works well for simple value and reference types that can be serialized and deserialized to JSON without custom converters. However, more complex resource configurations may require a custom converter to properly serialize and deserialize their values.


Reuse does not replace singleton implementations to improve test performance. Prefer proper shared instances according to your chosen test framework.

Calling Dispose() on a reusable container will stop it. Testcontainers will automatically start it in the next test run. This will assign a new random host port. Some services (e.g. Kafka) require the random assigned host port on the initial configuration. This may interfere with the new random assigned host port.

Keep in mind that reuse depends on stable builder and resource configurations. If a configuration changes during a test run, the reuse hash will also change, and Testcontainers cannot pick up the resource again. For example, the network and volume builder assign a random name to the resource; this default configuration will not work without overriding and setting the name to a fixed value.

Override NetworkBuilder's default random network name configuration
_ = new NetworkBuilder()