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Creating an image

Testcontainers for .NET uses the builder design pattern to configure, create and delete Docker resources. It prepares and initializes your test environment and disposes of everything after your tests are finished — whether the tests are successful or not. To create a container image from a Dockerfile use ImageFromDockerfileBuilder.


Builds and tags a new container image. The Dockerfile is located inside the src directory in the solution (.sln) directory.

await new ImageFromDockerfileBuilder()
  .WithDockerfileDirectory(CommonDirectoryPath.GetSolutionDirectory(), "src")


The Dockerfile must be part of the build context, otherwise the build fails.

Supported commands

Builder method Description
WithDockerEndpoint Sets the Docker daemon socket to connect to.
WithCleanUp Will remove the image automatically after all tests have been run.
WithLabel Applies metadata to the image e.g. -l, --label "testcontainers=awesome".
WithName Sets the image name e.g. -t, --tag "testcontainers:0.1.0".
WithDockerfile Sets the name of the Dockerfile.
WithDockerfileDirectory Sets the build context (directory path that contains the Dockerfile).
WithDeleteIfExists Will remove the image if it already exists.
WithBuildArgument Sets build-time variables e.g --build-arg "MAGIC_NUMBER=42".
WithCreateParameterModifier Allows low level modifications of the Docker image build parameter.


Testcontainers for .NET detects your Docker host configuration. You do not have to set the Docker daemon socket.